High Quality Product Guarantee

How to ensure the high quality of our products?

We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through providing consistent quality products, such as turbochargers and turbocharger parts, and by continuously seeking ways to improve our technology and manufacturing capabilities.


In terms of technology, our R&D team is composed with several professional technical who graduated from 211 leading universities in China. Furthermore, our company maintains technical cooperation with the domestic famous scientific research for many years. Continuous technical learning and updating is the cornerstone for us to provide high-quality products. These years, we specialized in turbochargers replacements for Caterpillar, Cummins, Komatsu, Volvo and other heavy-duty application.

Manufacturing capabilities

As a leading professional manufacturer of turbocharger, our company imported advanced high-tech equipment to accelerate the manufacturing process and increase smoothness, in order for the manufacturing process to begin with the industry's highest standards to ensure high product quality.

1. HERMLE 5-axis Machining Centre

The equipment plays an outstanding performance in manufacturing time and precision. The combination of the milling and turning simultaneously with the rotary axis could produce high-performance wheels accurately.

2. STUDER grinding CNC machine

The pioneer of the grinding industry STUDER that focus on the product craft. Therefore, the equipment could guarantee the dimensional and form accuracy of our shaft. The product quality and appearance could be well demonstrated.


It is equipped with the mass technology, enables simple switching between different sensor technologies, which effectively detects product quality.


Finally, but not the least, cautious working attitude plays a key role in manufacturing. There is no doubt that all the staff in our company regard manufacturing cautious and serious, from the purchasing to sales department, especially the staff in workshop. Additionally, our quality control department never compromises with imperfect products whether it's a component or complete assembly, and we examine with stringent criteria surpassing others of the same field, presenting impeccable products.

Post time: Aug-25-2021

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